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Hey Gang! Here's a preview of the new Monster High doll sets that are coming out in 2012!!! featuring new monsters, new sets and new outfits!
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ALSO! there is one more week left in my Roller Derby Team Auditions Contest if you haven't got your entry in yet please do before the dead line! :star:… :star:

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After a few chats with OshiiRyuu I helped her write this message to get awareness spread in the Monster High community about what a serious problem art and character design theft is, I am sure you have noted many other clubs have posted this same message. we are taking a  zero tolerance policy when it comes to creative theft.

It has come to my attention that there has been a serious problem that has been happening all over the Monster High Deviant Art Community. It is starting to get out of hand and seriously becoming a pain for a lot of us.

There are many talented artists that are in the Monster High Fandom that are becoming irritated at many other artists that are taking their pictures and copying them / tracing them / coloring over them. It may be either they are using their drawings as bases, stealing their character designs as well as their personality traits and claiming them as “their own”, or backgrounds and many other things they claim they made up. I don’t know if you know about it, but that is called Plagiarism and it is a violation of Creative Commons - [link] That’s a serious crime and charge that you could be legally held accountable for, even on a site such as this if you end up crossing the wrong person.

I would like to inform you that as a Founder for one of the many Monster High Groups, I DO NOT TOLERATE THAT AT ALL. These artists sometimes spend hours and hours on research for their Ghoul or Manster. Then on top of that, they have spent many hours coming up with their look as well. It’s frustrating with all of the art thief’s that have been happening that people want to have justification to get away with saying, “It’s my character that I made. You shouldn’t be mad at me for having my own character.” Although, many of you don’t think that you are taking something and adding your own thing to it is something that’s wrong. It is wrong because your taking someone else’s hard work, and adding sometimes not such a good style of art over it and it’s really obvious to what you’re doing. No one likes it, if you do it people will assume you are a thief, a loser , incredibility unimaginative or all of the above. Everyone in this fandom talks to everyone else, word travels super fast, if you rip off someone’s original art or character , the original artist will hear about, you will be exposed, reported and probably made fun of. So it’s best to just come up with your own ideas and draw inspiration from your research rather than other deviants.

I would like to tell you all that is in bad taste, it’s rude, impolite, disrespectful to the original artist and it’s just flat out rude and if you’re caught doing it, at first you will be warned by the ones who see it or recognize it and even the artist themselves. If you keep using the art against the artist’s wishes and you are in MY Monster High Group, you will be banned from it for not only going against me but also the original artist.

In order to stop this problem, I am standing up to it. If there is a problem with it, then come to tell me about it or talk to the artist that you’re “borrowing” things from.

Also, a note to artists! Theft isn't admiration: is the proof that someone (who is too lazy / uncreative to develop his/her own ideas, likes and opinions) thinks you are a goldmine for the taking. This doesn't mean they think you're great: they think you got something they're interested in to get what they want: fame, etc. Think of a street burglar: you're not going to feel happy because they stole your purse because you know it doesn't mean they admire you. They know you've got something they think might help them achieve something without working for it. Free money, free fame. Or whatever.
Protect yourselves! Use banners! :  Subscribers -… accounts -

note: A character having the same monster parent and/or a similar sounding name (that derives from the parent) is NOT enough alone to assume plagiarism! you HAVE to give the other person the benefit of the doubt! this does NOT give everyone permission to go pointing fingers "he / she stole my character!" JUST because they have the same monster parent!

your millage may vary depending on the rarity of the monster parent

Written by - OshiiRyuu & revised by Candy2021
Hello! Welcome to :iconmonster-high-ocs:

I am your new Co-Founder Candy2021 pleasure to meet you all!

This Group is a club for Original Characters made for the Monster High series of dolls by Mattel and the web series that can be found here - Monster High on You Tube . These character include but are not limited to, Fan Characters Original Students, Original Teachers / faculty & Staff, Monsters – anything that you made that belongs in the Monster High universe.

I have opened membership! So let’s get some new members in here! I opened up our gallery to take submissions! I also added some new folders! Here’s what they are and where you should put things. Most of them are pretty self explanatory.

Bios, IDs, Wall Papers- Writer sheet bios, ID cards and your fan made wall papers, monster maker pictures belong here.

DotD, Gloom Beach, Dead Tired, Schools Out - if you have made any art that is specific to a doll Series it goes in this folder.

Fics, Literature, Diaries - Written word stuff, poetry, prose, diaries, journals, stories, fan fiction- ANYTHING text based belongs in this folder.

Custom Dolls - if you have altered an original Monster High doll is some way to turn it into your Original Character.

MH Couples - for your Monster and their Special Some One!

Sketches and Line Art - For anything that is not in color.

Bases, Tutorials, Memes - things you can use to help make your MH OC feel at home! Bases for wall papers/dolls/skulletes/etc, memes to fill out and tutorials to show YOU how to draw in the signature Monster High Art Style!*

*please note: there is a sever lack of Monster High related Art tutorials floating around if anyone  would like to make one- or knows someone who would be good at making one, please ask them to do so.

Featured - EVERYTHING ELSE relating to your OC goes here.

:thumbsdown: - Theres are some things that are NOT okay to do in this group such as, Trolling, Hating on other people’s OCs, No Fighting over Monsters, No Fighting in General. No Hatred of ANYKIND this includes but is not limited too – racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia…there will be zero tolerance on any of this.

treat other monsters as you would like to be treated.

that is all! have fun and please enjoy your stay here at MONSTER-HIGH-OCs

X :skull: X :skull: - Candy2021